Wireless Broadband

Setting up broadband internet connections in Bottisham, Cambridge

If you want to access the internet from any part of your home or office, then contact Bottisham Computers to set up a wireless broadband internet connection at a fantastic price.
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Convenient internet access for homes and businesses

Do you want to set up a new broadband connection for your home or office? Get in touch with Bottisham Computers. You can discuss your requirements with me, based on which I'll set up the router that will provide the ideal coverage. I'll make sure that an encrypted network is set, so no unauthorised personnel can gain access to it. 

To find out more details, give me a call today.

Wireless broadband services

  • Networking and wireless installations
  • Broadband internet connections for domestic and commercial                 clients
  • Home visits can be arranged
  • Can cover Bottisham, Cambridge and the surrounding areas
  • Set up firewalls to prevent unauthorised access into your network
For wireless broadband internet connections in Cambridge, call Bottisham Computers on
07989 954 682
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