Disaster Recovery

IT disaster recovery for businesses in the Bottisham area

Bottisham Computers can help you devise an IT disaster recovery plan, which will include regular data backups, and access to spare computers or remote solutions.
Data recovery

Professional disaster recovery plans

You never know when a flood, an electrical failure or even a fire might happen. Because these things take place without any warning, the best way to keep your business protected against such events will be to make sure you're well prepared to deal with such a situation and not let it affect your daily work. Count on Bottisham Computers for help devising effective plans to deal with such unforeseen events. To learn more, get in touch.  
500GB hard disk slot

What you can expect

  • Detailed explanation of how a disaster can affect your daily                       business
  • Detailed evaluations to see if your company is ready to face such a         disaster
  • Implementation of network backups to safeguard your important           data
  • Checks for connectivity and data corruption
For IT data recovery in and around Cambridge, get in touch with Bottisham Computers on
07989 954 682
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